#makeup: Ron Habla

Fairies and Fauns

In relation to the makeup post prior to this one, I did the makeup of the only male faun in our production, Ron Habla. His makeup serves as my most challenging look to date since I haven’t done anything outside beauty makeup. I had no idea how to do a faun look since I didn’t even know what a faun looked like and I haven’t really explored the area of character makeup. In preparation for this, I made sure to practice on my own eye a lot. It took me about six tries until I gave up ’cause my eyes and skin hurt from too much application, I guess.

Nonetheless, I’m happy with the outcome of his makeup. It took us a while to finish it since the eye makeup extended until his hairline, there was a lot of bronzing and contouring since it was for stage and it’d be weird if he wore blush like the others.

Important materials used:

  • Kat Von D True Romance Palette – Ludwig: Baroque (golden bronze shimmer)
  • Kat Von D True Romance Palette – Momento Mori: Tijuana (black with copper glitter)
  • Kat Von D True Romance Palette – Momento Mori: Sugar Shell (slightly beige gold)

Important tips for this:

  • Make sure to use water for the eye shadows so that it applies thick and so you won’t have to layer so much and eventually using a lot of eye shadow. It’s expensive makeup, use it wisely HAHAH.
  • Despite it being expensive, be generous.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfectly sharp. Unlike the makeup I did for Betsy, I didn’t draw the shape I wanted for this one since it kind of actually has to look messy since Ron was supposed to be a creature, not a seductive freak. Just let it be natural.

Congratulations on this piece, creatures! It really gave me goosebumps and I really did get scared! Good job, Ron and Kitty as dance heads. It was a great way to start the concert and I’m sure everyone agrees. I wish I was strong enough to have been able to dance to this with you guys.

Also known as the people I love

Brother Faun in Action!

Nicole x

Photo Credit: Benny Bernardo and Jason Mariposa

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2 Responses to #makeup: Ron Habla

  1. marialeonila says:

    purrdy photos! hahaha we so gondo2
    U got the high res pics from benny right?
    LUL. ur my favorite make-up artist! :3

    • whatisnix says:

      Yiz, got them high res shots from benny!
      thanks love you my love.
      we should be wives next year so I can call you my wifey!

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