#makeup: Bettina Esguerra

Freak of the Night: Bettina Esguerra

During our year-end concert, EXTANT, I was given the pleasure to do a lot people’s makeup. Actually, the concert felt like 90% doing makeup and the other 10% was left to dancing. I don’t even have any backstage shots because I was always in the dressing room doing someone’s makeup.

Betsy was just really after a strong black eye that was sharp and ‘freaky’ and this was the best I could do with the time constraints. Nonetheless, I’m happy with the outcome. I would have wanted to do her whole face but I only had time to do her eyes.

Important materials used for her eyes:

  • True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Ludwig: Lucifer (Matte Charcoal Black) LOTS OF IT.
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (Thanks, Nadine!)

Tips for making a really dark eye

  • A little bit of water goes a really really really long way
  • The top coat of shadow should be dry though, so it won’t just run down.
  • Since it’s a sharp look, draw the shape you’re after before hand and just fill it in.
  • Do NOT forget to prime eyes beforehand otherwise the makeup won’t stick and won’t last long.

Still waiting for a picture of Ron’s faun look though. Really praying that someone took it, that’s like my masterpiece.

To close this, congratulations with college, Betsy! I know you’ll do great with whatever you’re going to do after graduation! Please keep dancing, I voted you for Best Streeter Female in the CADs awards. Am I allowed to reveal that already? Thank you for letting me do your makeup! 🙂

I bid you adieu, I have a 5 kilometer run in a less than 3 hours and I should really get some sleep.

Nicole x

P.S. Hi Carl, at the back of the picture.

Photo credit: Anton Del Rosario

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3 Responses to #makeup: Bettina Esguerra

  1. BetsyGirl says:

    Thank you for the make-up, the lovely message and the nomination, Nix! 🙂
    And yes, I will continue dancing. I love it too much to let it go. 🙂

  2. marialeonila says:

    uuy. make-up blog! haha
    are u the next michelle phan?!

    • whatisnix says:

      HAHA deins! I’m a hybrid blogger! It just so happens that I haven’t tasted anything good enough to post under Worth The Weight! Or anything remotely interesting next to makeup. But why not coconut! HAHAHA Can’t wait to get my certificate for makeup!

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