Worth The Weight: Kitchen ala Ching Oatmeal Cookies

Behold, the reason why I end up cheating on my diet once a day. These cookies are just way too hard to resist, I’m sorry. It has just the perfect crisp and sweetness to it that it actually made me like oatmeal cookies that I don’t normally prefer.

My latest jar of cookies happened to be a toasted batch of cookies making it even better (I like my cookies toasted!).

I first tasted these rounds of heaven in a Christmas bazaar in the NBC tent one or two years ago and made a mistake of buying just the smaller jar. Since then I’ve been meaning to order from them but never seemed to do it and eventually lost the jar that had the number.

So much for that. They’re now regulars in the weekend bazaars in Eastwood Mall so head on there to get your tastebuds to experience this!

For orders
4310900 / 09189264675 / 09994053787

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2 Responses to Worth The Weight: Kitchen ala Ching Oatmeal Cookies

  1. 利奈弁琉 says:

    I totally agree! Kitchen a la Ching’s oatmeal cookies are simply the best! I wish they have a nearby (in Quezon City) branch so that I could order it easily whenever I want to.

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