(Coming Soon) How To: Improvise Lip Colors With Eye Shadow

Tonight, as I was researching for our chemistry video project that involved the chemistry behind makeup, I got sidetracked (unsurprisingly) and decided to experiment and add to my How To series. It was going really well until I realized I didn’t have a decent camera since my Macbook’s camera and my phone’s camera failed to capture the beauty of the makeup.

It’s gonna be a How To post loaded with pictures of my lips in many colors such as copper, gold, black, brown, green and blue and sprucing up the typical red lips with a tinge of silver and gold. I was really excited with it already but then, things fail all the time.

Is this really what it’s like to have so much time on your hands? My afternoons have been so naked with dance rehearsals.

Anyway, the How To post should be up by this weekend so check back by then! I promise it’ll be educational and I’ll try to make it entertaining! 🙂

Nicole x


Here’s a low quality preview of what’s in store!

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