Worth The Weight: Charlie’s Burger

After being on a strict diet for the past 2 months (but with a week of pigging out somewhere in between that), I had my first burger for the year of 2011. I guess it’s not such a big thing since I’m not really a burger person but man, this is worth the dieting. I also think that I just gained all the weight I lost. Not to mention, watered down all the muscles I developed because of the extreme melt-in-your-mouth goodness I experienced tonight in Charlie’s Burger.

I first read about Charlie’s Burger in Preview magazine 2 years ago and if I’m not mistaken, it was rated with 4.5 flames (stars, conventionally). Since then, I’ve been pushing to try it out but I never seemed to swing by the area. This time though, I did everything I could to make my parents eat dinner with me in Charlie’s and it was worth the (fake) guilt-tripping and use of bunso powers.

The Black Angus with Shrooms Buger

My sister told me before that the burger patty melts in the mouth and I just refused to believe it. I mean, really, how would meat melt in the mouth? It’s meat! But then again, food is one of the most magical things in the world and the burger patty really does melt in the mouth. Don’t expect it to melt like chocolate though, that’s just a different kind of magic altogether.

Focus. The burger isn’t too big nor too small. It’s just right for two people not that hungry to share and just right for a person with a normal appetite. If you’re really hungry and all though, maybe you could try the double Black Angus with Shrooms. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The meat is cooked perfectly; brown on the outside, slight pink on the inside. I assume they use one of those press-grills in order to distribute the heat from both top and bottom until the middle to get the perfect gradient in the patty. I’m not entirely sure but I think that’s the only way to get it perfectly cooked?

The portobello mushrooms or shrooms were packed together, breaded and deep fried. Need I say more!

The service of Charlie’s is also quite efficient. There was a long line when I got there but they were quick to receive their hungry costumers. And the wait for something so yummy didn’t take so long either.

I highly suggest everyone to make it a point to taste this piece of heaven at least once in their lifetime.

It’s definitely worth the weight.

Charlie’s Grind & Grill is located at 16 Capitol Drive, Capitolyo, Pasig. You may call 635-4857 for inquiries and reservations. They also have another branch in 26 Missouri St. cor. Nevada St., Northeast Greenhills, San Juan. 727-2959

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