How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Hola, readers! It’s been a while since I last made a substantial post and so despite my extreme want to sleep right now, I will post something I recently experimented on.

When I got my first brush set, I wanted to make sure I knew just how to take care of them so naturally, I just googled how to clean them. Most of the posts I saw involved using extra mild baby shampoo so that it would be easy on the bristles.

However, when I asked my makeup teacher, she told me that the best way to clean makeup brushes was to spray it with alcohol then rinse with water then just spray alcohol on it again and let it air dry.

I kind of murder my brushes when I clean them. But in a very good way.

  1. Rinse brush with water
  2. Open up the brush such that you can see the middle
  3. Spray alcohol in every millimeter you can
  4. Let it set for about 2 minutes
  5. Rinse with water
  6. Let the brush drip and tap off any more water tap-able.
  7. Repeat steps 2 until 6 twice more.
  8. Spray alcohol in every millimeter again
  9. Put in front of electric fan to airdry. Or just open air is fine, I guess.

Why I think this is better than using mild baby shampoo

  1. It’s cheaper
  2. The alcohol disinfects the brushes since it’s alcohol
  3. There aren’t any extra chemicals that could damage your brush if you accidentally use too much alcohol.
  4. I found that the brushes were much softer and fluffier with alcohol than with baby shampoo.

Tips on using alcohol

  1. Use the alcohol that smells good. Like, here in Manila, we have this alcohol brand Green Cross and it smells good.
  2. Make sure you use a spray.

There are times when the color just won’t completely wash out of the brush so here’s what I do when that happens to me:

  1. Get a small container (I use a shot glass) and dilute alcohol in water.
  2. Dip the really ‘dirty’ brush tips in the solution
  3. Let it stay there for about 3 minutes
  4. Rinse the brush under slow running water while stroking it against your palm. At this step you’ll see the color from the brush transferring to your palm.
  5. Take one last dip in the solution and repeat step 4.

So I guess that’s it for tonight, I hope this helps anyone. Let me know if you have any methods you’d like to share or any questions of sorts. 🙂


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