Pity pity pity love!

Third and last part of my series of quotes from the lovely play by Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing. I finished reading it last week but I was told that I had to read the non-normal english version for the tests so now I’m re-reading it. No complaints though, I really like it.

Don Pedro: What a strange sight – a man who has put on all his fancy clothes but forgotten his brain at home!

Beatrice: Now tell me – which of my bad qualities did you fall in love with first?

Beatrice: You love me in spite of your heart, I think. If you spite our heart for my sake, then I will spite it for yours. I will never love the thing that me friend hates.
Benedick: You and I are too wise to woo each other peacefully.

Benedick: What a miracle! Our handwriting gives away our hearts. Come on, I’ll take you, but honestly I’m only doing it out of pity.
Beatrice: I won’t say no to you, but let it be known that I’m only doing this to save your life – I hear you were quickly wasting away without me.


So that’s it! I highly suggest that everyone read this book, especially if you think that wit, humor and romance is an explosive combination like I think it is. I want someone as smart as Benedick that I can be like this with. HAAAYY


Nicole x

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