I Choose To Be Free In An Unfree World

It is undeniable that the world we live in is harsh and restricting one. The past month showed me just exactly how important decision-making and prioritizing really is. For quite some time now, I admit to have screwed up my priorities in ways that aren’t destructive but still distracting. The past month showed me how being more unfree made me feel more free than ever simply because I had to choose to be.

The past month was a true test to measure the discipline, strength, perseverance and determination I didn’t know I had. It was the most stressful month of my life and now that I look back, I don’t know how I survived and made it out with a smile. Schoolwork and organization obligations chained me and the more I tried to pull myself away from them, the chain marked my skin even deeper, further reminding me of my oppression.

Oppression, however, is just a state of mind. You can choose to think of your oppression as an impetus for you to be better. In my honest opinion, oppression forces us to focus on what’s right in front of us and work on it with whatever resources we can get within our limited reach. It forces us to accept things whether we like it or not just to move forward. If you pull away strong enough, you will be free, eventually. There will be scars of hardship and struggle but they will only remind you of the things you learned throughout the ordeal.

It is a choice to break free from the chains that constantly pulls us down. It is a choice to fight and be better in a world that is filled with hopelessness and negativity.

It is a choice and I choose to be free in an unfree world.

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