I’m allowing myself to randomly blog at for a few minutes ’cause my mind’s been busting thoughts like crazy and I haven’t anyone to talk to lately. Although blogging sometimes feels like I’m only talking to myself, I guess it’ll just have to do for now since everyone is busy and can’t be bothered by my mindless musings.

Tweetables for the past.. few days.

  • Why are math sample LTs always so frickin easy compared to the actual one? I thought it was supposed to be paralleled to the read one. GAR
  • Maroon 5’s latest album Hands All Over is the best album they’ve produced so far. There are only about 2 songs that I don’t love but like. That’s saying something
  • I’ve never felt so fat in life until I couldn’t fit into my first DC costume.
  • But luckily, I fit in my DC costume yesterday. Just pull it down a little and you’ll see my butt crack!
  • All my dieting is paying off. Just 2 more weeks and I’m free to eat and drink bitches!
  • Everyone in Ateneo should try the tuna sisig in either ISO or the caf. Ahhh so good.
  • Valentine’s day is in 3 days.
  • Having a baaaaaad craving for roast beef and serenitea! Why do all of these foods remind me of someone? Ha ha.
  • My next free weekend is a month from now. Crazy schedule!
  • I can now listen to Mike Posner’s Please Don’t Go without feeling all nostalgic and remembering.. stuff. I really do love that song.
  • Ahh I miss Kpopping and Kdrama-ing. I already have a long list of dramas to watch that have been piling up since before sembreak!
  • I now have 2 layers of eye bags. I am disgusted with myself.
  • My face is unusually blushing today. I wonder if something good’s gonna come out of that.

I actually have a whole lot more to ‘say’ but ughhh I have no more time. I used up my self-imposed number of minutes for a break already.

This is what I look like now:

Greetings from the Rizal Library!

I think this is the first time I’ve ever worn glasses to school. Ahh I’m so feeling this day of rest from training!

Nicole x

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