Sleep Is For The Weak

“Sleep is for the weak”, a phrase I personally always say when I’m excruciatingly busy and stressed to a point that sleeping is a luxury no one can afford. I believe it’s true though, sleeping really is for the weak and I am proud to admit that I have slept for 18 hours in the past two days. 3 hours on saturday morning before my InTACT exposure trip + 4 hours after the trip + 11 hours saturday night-sunday morning and it felt sooooooo good I can’t even begin to explain it.

I guess when you’ve been trying and fighting to stay strong for so long, it’s inevitable to just take a breather to make yourself strong again. I admit that January passed me by way too quickly because I was awake probably about 85% of January just working my ass off and now, my body is paying the price by getting sick. As much as I’d like to keep up with the life I’ve been living since 2011 started, I think it’s better if I just give myself the break I deserve.

So if you’re restless and stressed, do yourself a favor and take a break. Skip the wild night-outs and go on top of your bed instead of someone else(‘s).

“It’s okay, you’re allowed to be weak sometimes” (Modesto, 2010).

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2 Responses to Sleep Is For The Weak

  1. marialeonila says:

    hi nix! hahaha
    lol I’m procrastinating right now…..

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