Sauce and Love

Here is part two of quotable quotes from Much Ado About Nothing. I’m nearly done with it and I’m quite surprised with my progress since I’ve only been reading it for about 4 hours (accumulated). For something I’m required to read for academic purposes, that’s quite remarkable. It’s a really nice book and I’m getting all fuzzy and kilig with it and as much as I’d like to explain why, I’m afraid I’ll just spoil it and ruin it for anyone who wants to read it.

Benedick: Will I be changed like that, and see the world through a lover’s eyes? I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. I can’t promise that love won’t transform me, but I can promise you this; until I truly fall in love, a woman will never make me act like such a fool.

Leonato: Oh, god! Pretending? No one has ever faked passion as skillfully as this, then.

Don Pedro: This is amazing. I would have thought she was invincible against any assault of love.

Leonato: Oh, my lord, when wisdom and passion are in one body, it’s ten to one that the passion will win.

Hero: We’ll make our arrows the same way Cupid does: with gossip and rumor.

Beatrice: But you won’t eat your words?
Benedick: Not with any sauce they could provide for them. I swear, I love you.

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