Everytime something even just a little interesting happens in my day, I usually tweet about it but since I’m out of twitter for the time being, I decided to make a hashtag series of posts for things I would have tweeted about if I had twitter. I’m not going to be mindful of the 140 character count but I’ll try to keep it short per ‘tweet’.

  • Matt Jao’s poem/story for his poem sharing in lit today was the best out of everyone of us, definitely.
  • Manang’s liempo isn’t legendary for no reason. Very very good stuff.
  • I love sleeping on the couches on the 4th floor of Rizal library. Slept like the sleep-deprived student that I am for nearly 2 hours a while ago.
  • Much Ado About Nothing isn’t so bad after all. (Will make another post devoted to quotable quotes after this)
  • “Walang simpleng buhay kasi walang simpleng kamatayan” – Puta in Bombita.
  • I can now successfully do a knee float. Thank you Mauwee, Ross and Ureta.
  • Sylvia gave us a 95 for tonight’s final run in rehearsals!

I usually quote something for my goodnight tweets and so I’ll do that now even if I won’t sleep yet.

  • I lost track of time 5 days ago. What is it about you that makes me want to stay? Is it all the love or is it just the pain? Goodnight x


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