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I finally found the time to make another #nowplaying post. It’s been a crazy crazy crazy week. Today though, I’ll be posting a K-pop #nowplaying list just for variety. If you’re not into K-pop, I suggest you at least give it a try. Even just 30 seconds into the song. Instead of putting lyrics like I always do, I’ll just write a quick review on why I like these songs.

Where U At – Taeyang

This is the prequel to his hit song Wedding Dress. What first drew me into this song was the music video. The set was really good and didn’t look very K-pop-ish actually. The lighting was perfect and the backdrop was just an alley so you could really focus on my favorite part of the video, the choreography. More than anything, choreography is always the first thing that catches my attention so this music video gets 5 stars 99% because of choreography.

Wedding Dress – Taeyang

One of Taeyang’s biggest hits and my personal favorite. The message of the song is really heartbreaking and its depiction on the music video is even more heartbreaking. This is one of those songs that even a non-Kpop fan will know since it’s really popular and catchy. Some people may have watched the video and didn’t even realize that it was K-pop. This music video is legendary K-pop gold. Definitely not one to miss. 10 stars out of 5.


Lucifer – SHINee

My ultimate bias, SHINee. SHINee is known for their solid and perfect delivery ofย  strenuous choreography while singing the whole time and their hit Lucifer is just clear-cut evidence of that. The song itself is quite stressful to listen to ’cause it’s really fast-paced, filled with high notes and energy. It’s one of those songs you’d listen to if you want to dance or jog to keep your energy and pace up. Usually, when a song is filled with high notes, the choreography is downplayed for the benefit of the idols so that they won’t strain themselves too much but in this case, the choreography totally matched, if not surpassed, the difficulty of the song. SHINee themselves admitted that this song is the most difficult to perform live but, hey, it’s SHINee, they’re mega-awesome and can sing and dance this perfectly without having to lipsynch.

The music video

Their Inkigayo comeback stage.

Replay – SHINee

Compared to Lucifer, this song has a really relaxing and addicting ring to it. The vocals are really smooth and calming despite the bass in the background but let us not forget to point out the SHINee trademark, awesome choreography. The choreography for this video (and two more of SHINee’s hits) was made by BeatFreaks member Rino Nakasone. The steps look really easy since SHINee delivered it with such precision and just the right feel and emotion but as a dancer, I found it really difficult to copy. Towards the end of the song, they’re going to do this footwork that will sort of just make you wonder how they’re doing it with such ease. Personally, I think this is SHINee’s best work and even after listening to it for nearly 2 years, I still can’t get enough of it. It’s one of those songs that you just don’t skip when your songs are on shuffle.

Dance version of their music video.

Y.O.U – SHINee

Quasimodo – SHINee

Both songs have a similar feel to it and use these songs as my lullabies for troubled and insomniac nights. The vocals of both songs are extremely soothing and calming that you can’t help but be lulled to sleep.

Beautiful – BEAST

I’m not exactly a fan of BEAST but when I saw the music video for this on our local music channel, I couldn’t change the channel. The video was really cute and had some sort of dance battle in it and as you may have probably noticed by now, I love anything with good choreography. The song itself is cute and feel-good as well. And that Kikwang boy is cuter than the song and the video. Kidding.

Please Be Nice To Me (Be My Girl) – Kim Hyun Joong

The piano entrance of this song is what kept me listening to it. The song and its music video is highly dramatic and the singer is even one of Korea’s biggest drama actors. Doesn’t the drama Boys Over Flowers sound familiar to anyone? Well, in case it doesn’t, it’s yet another adaptation of the Japanese Manga Hana Yori Dango. It’s been remade into Taiwanese, Japanese and the latest one, Korean. I just really hope there won’t be a Filipino version for this.

I just found out that this video is part of a 3-part drama MV series with 2 of his other groupmates in SS501. I haven’t had the time to watch all 3 but I’ll update when I have.

Hurricane Venus – BoA

Copy & Paste – BoA

It’s BoA. Enough said.

That’s it for today’s #nowplaying post! I have a whole lot more of Kpop I’d like to share but let’s save that for another day. I’ll just get a little bit of sleep before I need to get back to school for training.

Hope everyone has a good monday today!

Nicole x

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2 Responses to #nowplaying: KPop

  1. Tsusu says:

    You should try other BEAST’s MV – ‘Shock’ and ‘Breath’. They have awesome choreography.

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