Make Up Review: Suesh 21-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Hola! Tonight I’ll be making my first serious makeup review and I decided to review the most important part of my makeup collection, my makeup brushes. I bought my 21-piece brush set in the BPI discount bazaar summer 2010. I was taking up a personal makeup course under Cheryl Cabanos with two of my highschool friends and I thought, hey, if a regular student needed a notebook and a pen, I needed makeup brushes. I won’t review every brush on this set since I don’t use all of them as much as the ones I’ll review but know that all the brushes execute their purpose well.

On with the review.

Generally, the quality of the brushes are really worth every peso you spend on them. The hairs of the brushes are really soft and pick up and put on color really well.

The powder brush and blush brush are the two biggest brushes in this set. They’re really fluffy and easy to use. I usually use the powder brush to bronze on skin tones that don’t match with my own powder. The fluffiness and the wideness of this brush makes it really easy for me to bronze the whole face without taking so much time. I use the blush brush for, well, blush. It’s a little smaller than the powder brush but usually bigger than anyone’s cheek bone, which makes it all the more perfect. In my experience, I don’t really want to make such a difference in color between the cheek bones and the rest of the cheeks so the size of the blush brush makes it easier for me to blend. Everyone that I’ve used these brushes, as well as myself, loved how the brushes felt on their faces since it’s really fluffy. Also, I use a very light hand when it comes to putting on makeup so I guess that contributes to the feel on the skin as well.

I use the angled blush brush for contouring. The size of this brush is just right – not too wide that it’ll put color past the hollows of the cheeks.

There are five eye shadow brushes in different sizes. I usually devote the biggest one for putting on the base color for the eyes since it’ll have to take up most of the eyelid. I use the smallest one for putting color on the creases and the other four depending on whatever I need. As a performer, I usually do strong eye makeup looks for the stage so I’ve dirtied up my eye shadow brushes a lot. I usually find it difficult to transfer and thicken black on eyes but with these brushes, it isn’t as hard. The brushes transfer color easily, just not completely but I think that’s impossible anyway so these brushes do a good job.

I’m not a fan of their foundation brush since it leaves lines on the face but that can be fixed by pressing them with a makeup sponge.

Suesh has done me good since I bought it. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve used and washed them and they’re still as good as new. I don’t really use any fancy cleaners for my set; I just spritz them with a lot of alcohol, rinse with water twice then dry them off then spritz with alcohol one last time then let it dry in front of my electric fan. I use alcohol so that ‘99.9% of bacteria’ will be washed off and ’cause my makeup teacher said that using shampoo will shorten the life span of the makeup brushes, just like real hair.

Next in my makeup brush to-buy list is their stippling brush.

I hope this review helped anyone interested in buying Suesh brushes. Comment or Formspring for any additional questions. πŸ™‚

All pictures and opinions are my own but no need to credit.

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