Lady Disdain!

Here is a post on some quotable quotes on the play that I’m reading for Lit class right now, Much Ado About Nothing. I’m bound to find more as I read on but I’d like to share what I’ve seen so far.

Benedick: Look, it’s my dear Lady Disdain! Aren’t you dead yet?
Beatrice: How could disdain die when you’re here? When you’re around, even Lady Courtesy becomes Lady Disdain!

Benedick: If I’m going to sing along with you, I need to know what key you’re singing in.

Don Pedro: I swear, before I die I’m going to see you sick with love.

Don John: It suits me more to be hated by everyone than to put on a fancy show and trick people into loving me.

Beatrice: Tell him that romance is like a dance: it has its own rhythm and timing.

Claudio: Friendship is enduring except when love is involved.

Claudio: Beauty is a witch whose spells can turn loyalty into passion.


Nicole x

These are in plain english ’cause I got it from my copy of No Fear Shakespeare.

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