5 Minutes on Tumblr

For tomorrow’s Chemistry lab experiment, we’re going to make blueprints on any picture that we wanted. I wasn’t really intending on choosing a creative photo or anything until Jorel told me he was going for something artsy-fartsy and would look good on a blueprint. He told me he was looking for a photo on Tumblr so I followed suit. I haven’t been on Tumblr in so long that I totally forgot what pulled me into it in the first place.

I’m a sucker for witty and striking one-liners and Tumblr is loaded with one-liners in pretty backgrounds that make those one-liners even better. There are also some one-liners that are just so out there that need not be plastered on backgrounds as though just the words in plain font is really enough to just throw you off.

Tumblr’s also infested with screen captions of movies with memorable lines.


Why I love (500) Days of Summer

Another reason why i love this movie

And so many more but I’m too lazy to post them.

Here are some really cool people you should follow if you’re Tumblr-active and tell them I suggested them too. HAHAHA





Join the beautiful world of Tumblr if you have the self-control to get out of it everytime you need to get down to work.
Follow me, too.


If you’re wondering how I opened my tumblr, I didn’t. I just opened my tumblr site. No Dashboard. AGH I MISS TUMBLR.

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