goodmorning, earthlings!

Good morning, earthlings! I’m supposed to be in school right now for an org sportsfest but my orgmate is taking forever to get ready and so I can’t seem to leave for school just yet. Pardon the picture, it’s an old picture from a night I’d want to forget but kinda want to remember too. WHUT.

On with the music

Long Walk Home – This Day and Age

i can dream about the past

or i can just let it go

i lost track of time five days ago

what is it about you that makes me want to stay

is it all the love or is it just the pain

i’m moving pass the past at the slowest of speeds hoping
that our loves exceeds our insecurities

Head On Collision – New Found Glory

Introducing Me – Nick Jonas

Bigger Than Love – My Favorite Highway

More – Usher

The Space Between – Valencia

Glorybox – Portishead

I apologize for not posting lyrics. I’m not sure of how much time I have to make this post.


Photo taken October 1, 2010.

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