“Deleting 3103 Messages”

Last night I got my new phone and so I bid farewell to my old Nokia 5530. It was a good 13 months with such a moody cellphone. I probably influenced it a little bit with the moodiness. That particular phone holds a lot of memories in its messages even if it was only 13 months. I guess that just goes to show how eventful my 2010 was. Deleting so many messages all at once is a little heartbreaking to see since I admit that most probably 2900+ messages in the inbox are messages I’m not ready to let go of but it’s time to move on.

It’s a new year with a new phone to fill with new messages and calls and calendar entries that will be yet another signal for me to start fresh.

Call me materialistic but I really become attached to all my cellphones. I just find it inevitable for me to become so attached to it since it’s practically with me 24/7 more than anything else besides my underwear. It’s the first thing I wake up to and the last thing I use before I go to bed, fortunately or unfortunately. It’s not because I’m so addicted to the whole idea of communicating through text messaging or instant messaging or what-have-you’s either.

I think my new Blackberry and I will be very good friends from day this onward.

And to all those of you who still hang on to old messages from old lovers and the like, just hit the ‘delete all’ button and you’ll feel just as brand new as I do.


With all the randomness and materialistic-ness my world holds,

Nicole x

#nowplaying Goodbye – Ke$ha

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