Stoned in Serenitea.

First and foremost, a very warm and long distance happy birthday to my eldest brother, Kuya Poch!

In light of his 30th birthday, my family and I decided to eat out tonight. We ate in this lovely restaurant called House of Wagyu: Stone Grill. I came to dinner feeling randomly negative towards the world and it didn’t help that the moment I stepped into the restaurant it was unbelievably cold and if there’s anything I hate about restaurants, it’s that it’s way too cold and I’m too busy shivering that enjoying the food.

My family started out with some Raclette cheese that I didn’t get to try since the smell immediately threw me away no matter how much they exclaimed at how good it is. My mother is a sucker, or maybe the term ‘slave’ would be a better term, for foie gras. She told me that the moment she saw that they served foie gras salad, she ordered it on the spot. I’ve never tasted foie gras since I found it was duck liver and I have a soft stomach for eating internal organs but because I resolved to be more even more cultured with food, I dared myself to eat it. The texture was definitely new to my tongue but I must say, it was really good. I now understand why foie gras is such a gem in many restaurants that actually serve them.

Since it was like a refrigerator inside the restaurant, the waiter decided to serve us some Cream of Peas soup. It was really good for that kind of soup. I always thought Cream of Peas was really… bland and boring but I guess I’ve just been eating at all the wrong places. Even their croutons were good.

On to the main event, which is the namesake of the restaurant, the Stone Grill. My sister ordered the Rib-eye steak made and separated for three people. Our steaks came on these really hot rectangular stones that were lava stones, I think? I can’t remember exactly but it’s definitely a volcanic rock of sorts. They place the steak on one side of the stone and it’s really up to you when to turn it over for better cooking. The waiters even give you tips on how to eat your steak on the stone like eat the sides of the steak first and work your way to the middle ’cause the sides of the steak are the ones that are cooked enough to be eaten.

I was so amused and amazed with the stone grill that I couldn’t help but interrogate the waiter about the technology or science or whatever behind it. I bet the waiter gets asked a lot since it seemed like he had a clever speech ready the moment I finished my question. He said that the stones were heated in an oven for at least six hours and the stones were to be used only once a day. He also said that the stone is meant to stay hot enough to cook the steaks for at least 45 minutes.

So about the steak. It wasn’t exceptional, in terms of taste. I’ve definitely tasted better elsewhere but it was still pretty good. It’s well worth the price. I actually really enjoyed the presentation more than the steak itself and my sister even said that I probably just enjoyed the steak was because of the fact that I cooked it on a freakin’ stone.

Dessert time came and we actually considered on just walking across the street to have some good ol’ Halo-halo from Razon’s but it was raining so we had to give up our cravings for some cheap dessert. We ordered the Vanilla Ice Cream with Summer Berries and their Flourless Chocolate Cake that were both served on COLD stones this time. My dad made me order the Creme Brulee but when it came, he was let down because he thought the Creme Brulee was Mango Jubilee. How he thought of that, I have no idea. I’ve never been a big fan of ice cream nor flourless chocolate cakes nor creme brulee so I can’t really make a review on their desserts.

Since we were already in the vicinity, I asked my parents to take me to Serenitea so I can finally taste their milk teas that everyone talks about. We had no idea where it was so we got lost in Little Baguio for a while until I just sucked it up and asked a friend where Serenitea was. There was a surprisingly long line for Serenitea even if it was past 10pm, which just made me even more excited about tasting their milk tea. If people really line up for it, it must be really awesome.

And awesome it was. I bought the Hokkaido Milk Tea with 75% sugar with pearls. It’s their slightly caramel-flavored milk tea best seller and to say it was good would be an understatement. I especially love the pearls they use, it’s small compared to the rest, which is much easier to chew and enjoy! I now see why people really make it a point to go to Greenhills to buy a tall cup of serenity.

It was a good night of food and my oh my is my tummy filled with true love! Safe to say that all the bad vibes I brought to dinner were digested along with the good steaks and were drowned in milk tea loving.

How was your saturday night?

Nicole xx

House of Wagyu: Stone Grill is located at 105 A Mckinley Arcade, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, PH and has branches in Eastwood and Podium.

Serenitea is located at Unit 1f Ground Level, G&L Building, J Abad Santos cor. V. Cruz St., Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. Please don’t get lost like I did HAHAHA.


Did I mention that we didn’t celebrate with the actual celebrant since he’s all the way in Virginia? Love you, Kuya! Thanks for the good dinner! x

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2 Responses to Stoned in Serenitea.

  1. your gwapo kuya says:

    yeah fine, eat good steak without me on my birthday why don’t you? yeesh. glad it was fun anyway.

    • whatisnix says:

      check our very pretty picture of your birthday cake that kuya rob had to pretend he was you so that we’d get free cake (that we of course didn’t eat).

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