Hi this is what nix is

This is what I look like. In case you’ve been wondering who the person behind this WordPress looks like, then wonder no more. I hope I didn’t let anyone down. If you were expecting someone dropdead gorgeous, modelesque, etc., well.. I’ll let you decide if I met your expectations. HAHAHA I’m kidding. Photo was taken last July 31, 2010 in White Avenue.

Since I’m blogging already anyway, might as well write some stuff that’s been on my head for a while.

  1. There’s this song by Mike Posner called Gone In September and I was listening to it today before my killer Math LT and thought, “hey, I can relate to this song quite well”. After I wrote Christmas Eve, a 99% fictional story on what could have been on Christmas eve, I felt unusually light. Also, the story was well-received (a number of people hearted it on Tumblr and since I’m easily flattered when I least expect it and I don’t really write much, I consider it well-received HAHAHA). ANYWAY, I thought I could do another 99% one-shot based on this song. It’s a nice song and I suggest that you listen to it!
  2. My recent Math long test was on probability and so I thought of two probabilities that are beyond corny but I just feel this need to share it with someone. “There are 24 hours in a day. What is the probability you’re thinking of me at least 24.9 hours in a day?” and “What is the probability that Nicole Ceballos is eating? 1.”
  3. I’ve been eating so much this week. Damn stress and a busy, hunger-inducing schedule. This week is officially my cheat week. Strict diet back on next week.
  4. Mike Posner’s Please Don’t Go is officially the song of the week. I don’t know why this song has been following me all week. It’s quite annoying really. I used to love this song so much but now.. Jesus save me.
  5. My dreams have been getting crazier and crazier. Last night, I dreamt about moving to Australia with my family and this certain boy that I now consider dead in my head. We were playing this game that if I lost, I had to kiss him for a minute. In my dream, I was absolutely certain that I would win and so I took on the challenge but then I lost so I had to kiss him. So when I had to kiss him in my dreams, I felt the kiss in real life. I never thought I’d feel another bad kiss from the same bad kisser in my life. ACK. What’s really bad is that I remember the dream. Why can’t it be one of those dreams that we just forget within in the first two minutes that we awaken?

So I guess that’s it for today. I should really get some sleep, another one of those really long fridays tomorrow.

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Nicole x

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