Fly Art

I’m not going to try to post my works in chronological order since it doesn’t really matter much at this point HAHA. This is a shoot close to my heart for many reasons. 1) I love Fly Art, 2) I love the people behind Fly Art, 3) (at that time,) my phone wallpaper was Fly Art, 4) My laptop wallpaper is Fly Art, 5) It’s for their first collection.

To those of you who have been around the internet for a while now but STILL haven’t heard of Fly Art, it’s a project that brings hiphop and fine art together. Pretty sure you’ve at least stumbled across their work online. If you haven’t yet, please head on to You’re welcome!

12270026Compared to my previous post, this is a real no-makeup makeup look. Foundation, concealer, setting powder, eyeliner, mascara, full brows, contour, lipstick, the works. The real challenge for me in this shoot is that the photographer shot in film, so I wouldn’t have been able to take any test shots and see how the makeup looked on camera. Also, it was my first time to shoot with film. With my limited knowledge in photography, especially film photography, I just tried to make sure, to the best of my ability, to make it look seamless.


The flash was direct, something I rarely encounter in shoots, so I avoided using highlights for fear of them looking like disco balls, but I didn’t want them too look too matte, so I just used a light dusting of setting powder.

12270005The brows were slightly defined and filled in, but kept quite undone. To keep the softness of the look, I used brown eyeliner on top and loaded up on mascara. Instead of using eyeliner to define the lower lash, I applied a little bit of mascara at the bottom lashes.


Check this out on Behance.

12270020 12210007Safe to say I was quite relieved with the outcome of the photos. I was really nervous while waiting for the set ’cause I have no idea how the makeup would have come out. It was a fun gamble for me, since whenever I show my portfolio to other people or when they mention my work, they always mention how much they love the makeup for this particular shoot. That definitely gave me the self-esteem boost I needed as an artist, but as always, aim to be better. :)

Producers Toni Potenciano and Gisella Velasco of Fly Art (
Photos Ralph Mendoza
Styling by Sam Potenciano
Model Elena Ortega and Bea Alonso Te
Makeup and Hair by Nicole Ceballos
Special thanks to Benjamin Abesamis and And A Half Design Studio for the location



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Field Day

Resurrection post #1: My makeup work for Field Day PH, an instagram store that sells super classy and pretty accessories. It was a last-minute shoot on a hot Sunday afternoon, but when you’re presented with a team like this, it’d be a bad idea to say no.


The model was Chanel Olive Thomas, who is also a Ms. Philippines-Earth aspirant. The makeup was quick and easy, just that right glow for the summer. I wouldn’t classify it as no-makeup makeup look, cause this was actually even less than that. Chanel had really nice skin to begin with, so just a few corrections here and there. And since I liked her freckles, I didn’t cover them. Lots of highlight on this one despite the really bright sun and chances of oiling up and perspiration. One of the funniest agreements I had with the photographer on this look was “no artista brows!” So I kept it full and natural, without looking blocky and too filled in. We were racing against the sun, so I skipped the eyeliner, loaded up on mascara, pat on a little bit of clear gloss and we were ready for the first layout all in 20 minutes or less.

IMG_6701The sun was definitely burning that day and it was undoubtedly summer all over. Usually, I prefer shooting indoors where the makeup will hold better, but the sunlight just brought out the highlights of the makeup so nicely, I didn’t really complain too much.

IMG_6776After the shoot I brought home the pair of earrings Chanel is wearing on the photo above and gave them to my mom. My mom loves earrings, but I’m unfortunately allergic to them HUHU.


Check out my entry of this on BehanceIMG_6731Follow Field Day on Instagram (@fielddayph) and I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself buying something, anything from their store. I know I would, if only I wasn’t allergic. :(

Photos by Ralph Mendoza

Styling by Margaux Alampay

Makeup by Nicole Ceballos

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Hello, again. (And again, and again)

It’s been around four years since I started this blog, and I do not deny that in those four years, I’ve abandoned and tried to resurrect it so many times it’s sad. Recently, a handful of people I’ve come across have brought up the fact that this blog exists, though I haven’t been regularly updating it for a long time now. The common question I get when I’m working on a client or an old friend I haven’t spoken to in a while is, “aren’t you a blogger?” To which I never know what to answer, considering how the blogging sphere has changed so much since I started this blog. I feel old, but back then it was all just about sharing thoughts and ideas – nothing professional.

So, hello, again. I’m Nicole – Nix for short, Nixxole for fun. I’m not exactly a blogger, as compared to someone who simply has a blog for thoughts, travels and perhaps my journey as a makeup artist. I’m not a religious poster, but I will try to post from time to time. I’m still not a pro at this blogging thing though, so I hope you guys are kind in comparing me to all the bloggers out there now.

Here is a photo of what I look like now. Although this photo is 6 months old..


Photo by Tarish Zamora and Nikki Ruiz

Makeup by Nicole Ceballos

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My close friends know my obsession for fireworks and perhaps all things that sparkle, so it’s probably no surprise that the theme for my last shoot for 2014 was firework. Consequently, the project was entitled Sparks. This photoshoot came together because of a status message I posted on Facebook looking for artists willing to collaborate with me for one last passion project before the year ends. I expected minimal, even zero, response from people since it was the holidays and it was the time to be with family. I was overwhelmed with the response and attention, and all at once, I had enough photographers to shoot 2 weddings at the same time. Come shoot day, we were a team of 10 creatives all ready to sparkle for one last time in 2014.

Safe to say that this is the first shoot that I really produced – a shoot with just one model and photographer not included HAHA – and I made a promise to myself that I would produce one every 6 months. It’s always a good idea to work on something that is completely for creative purposes with fellow creatives who are as thirsty and passionate as you.

Sorry for the backlog, but here are some snaps from the shoot, Sparks: A 2014 Year-Ender Passion Project.

IMG_3877 IMG_3970 IMG_3994 IMG_4174 IMG_4222 IMG_4581 11 16 Betsy2 BTS Benjo Jal and Pauline at sunset timarafiles_yeA-1 timarafiles_yeA-2 timarafiles_yeA-3 timarafiles_yeA-4 timarafiles_yeA-5 timarafiles_yeA-6 timarafiles_yeA-7

You can check out the whole album here:

Produced by Nicole Ceballos
Production Management by Tony Battung
Production Assistance by Cheska Marcelo
Photography by
Benjo Beringuela |
Tim Arafiles |
Therese Marian Sta Maria and
Noel Narciso
Set Design by Ayra Fortuno
Styling by CJ Dacalos
Hair and Makeup for Pauline Suarez by Nicole Ceballos |
Hair and Makeup for Bettina San Luis and John Sedano by Jhing Gumasing | |

Hope you’re all having a great 2015 so far!

Special thanks to Chris Benedicto for the props and Yogi Catabijan for the location

Happy new year, everyone!

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Makeup Christmas Wishlist 2014

It’s that time of the year again when I would write down all of the things I wish I could afford to buy, say it to the wind, and hope that it’ll magically appear under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Or any day, really, I’m not picky. Here are a few of my (potentially) favorite things. Join me in my joy and lust, and I hope this gives you ideas what to buy yourself for Christmas! :)


  1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. This is old news to the beauty community, and a fourth palette is probably already in the works. But I’ve never been one to really get on with beauty purchasing trends (I bought the Naked 1 two weeks before Naked 2 came out; it took me 1.5-2 years of contemplation before I bought my LORAC Pro 1), and for the longest time, I didn’t know how I would make that many shades of Rose Gold I could really use on myself and on my clients. And at last I see the light and beauty of using rose gold eyeshadow, and because everything comes with a price, this one will cost me $54.
  2. Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 8.00.44 PMHourglass Dim Infusion Ambient Lighting Blush. The whole Hourgalss Ambient Lighting powder and blush collection is gorgeous, but I’m not too big on highlighting using shimmered powders ’cause of the climate here unless I can closely monitor the shine in, say, a photoshoot. The heat and humidity usually does the highlighting for me, whether I like it or not. I’m not too big on buying blush as well, but I’ve come to realize that I don’t have a nice peach-toned blush and peach blush works on most Filipino skin tones, and I find that it looks more fresh than the usual coral/pink. This one here has a slight highlight that comes with it, just the right amount to still go with the climate, I think.Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 7.59.52 PM
  3. Bite Beauty Peche Matte Creme Lip Crayon. I find myself becoming less and less magnetized to lip products lately, which is perfectly fine considering I have around 30 lip products and honestly, I find myself only really using 5-6 of them on my clients and myself. What I don’t have a lot of, however, are lip pencils, which I don’t really need but don’t mind having.Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 7.58.27 PM
  4. MAC Melba Blush. Like I said, I need a peach blush and this one is beautiful and since I can’t afford the Hourglass one, this one might actually be the only thing I can buy for myself this Christmas. I like that this one is matte, but still looks good when you put a highlighter on top. I used my TheBalm Mary-Louminizer on top of it once, but I think my NARS Orgasm would look good on top of this as well for an extra pop of color. GUERLAIN_Parure_Gold_Fluid_Foundation_30ml_1365519918
  5. Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation. There is no such thing as a makeup wishlist without Guerlain. Two months ago, I had the pleasure of being able to experience this beautiful creation thanks to a fellow MUA who did my makeup in a workshop. It felt way too nice on my skin and instantly made me look flawless. And it smelled nice. Not sure if it really smelled nice, or it was all in my head HAHA. I didn’t even bother checking the price of this online, because if the name is Parure GOLD, it’s probably worth a few gold bars.

Have a merry, pretty Christmas everybody! :)

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