Tea for Three

Last Month, I had the privilege of doing the makeup for my first fashion editorial for a major magazine – Candy Magazine. I used to read Candy back in grade school and high school because, I mean really, who didn’t? I haven’t bought a copy of Candy since I was a senior in high school, but I can still remember what it was like back then, I see how much Candy has evolved as a magazine. Maybe it’s a generation thing, but honestly, I’m proud to be a Candy girl!

7 6 5 4
3 21I did a no makeup makeup look + freckles + bright lip for this shoot. For the different matte lip colors I used MAC Heroine, MAC Ruby Woo and NYX Lip Pencil in Orange. So happy I finally got to use Heroine and Orange for something! Seeing as none of my clients particularly request such colors HAHAHUHU. I was quite nervous at the start of the shoot as this is my first fashion editorial, something I didn’t expect to have under my belt until around.. past 2 years into the job? And so I am eternally grateful to Ning Nuñez, Candy’s fashion & beauty assistant and good friend of mine, for trusting me with this shoot. :)

Fingers crossed for more fashion editorials and published work to come! Teehee

Photography Rxandy Capinpin

Styling Ning Nuñez

Hair Eddiemar Cabiltes

Makeup Nicole Ceballos

Models Jana Stuntz, Hye Won Jang and Linn Oeymo

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Birthday Month Wishlist

Now, I still haven’t run out of makeup backlog to post, but today as May closes, I can guiltlessly write about my ever-growing makeup wishlist because June means I turn a year older this month! I have exactly one month left at being in between a teenager and a full-fledged (LOL ASA) adult. As usual, there is no particular theme to this list, except for pure makeup lust and desire.


  1. MAC Matte Lipstick in Taupe.  I actually already bought this, but lost it in less than two weeks in my own house. :( Browns seem to be making a comeback from the 90s, and this is the perfect transition color if you don’t want to go full-on brown just to be on trend. I don’t believe in jumping on the bandwagon immediately, or going from MAC Twig to MAC Double Shot overnight, so Taupe is a good introductory brownish shade to begin with. And it just looks so fresh. It’s one of those shades that makes you look clean and polished, without looking too made up and girly – a tendency I noticed with using nude-pinks.


  2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. There is a big chance that this isn’t the first time I’m listing this item because I have been wanting this for as long as I can remember, and I still haven’t bought it because it’s so expensive HAHA but it’s so worth it though! I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this palette through a fellow makeup artist and it’s every bit beautiful as I imagined it to be. It’s the absolute best highlighter I’ve seen – glow minus the shine, if that makes any sense to you at all. Since I’m always purchasing things on a budget, this is actually budget friendly considering it’s a palette, and we use highlighters so sparingly in this country climate anyway, it’s bound to last a while. Is it finally time for me to buy this? Is 21 the right age to buy something I’ve always wanted??? HUHU.


  3. MAC Lip Pencil in Spice. This is a classic, and will forever be on trend. There doesn’t seem to be a proper and worthy cheap dupe for this yet, and this shade is quite hard to come by in MAC stores here. If you find one, BUY IT (…and then give it to me hehe half JK).


  4. Purple Beauty Blender. I didn’t think the beauty blender could get any better… until they released a purple one. No difference really, it’s just purple. And that makes it so much more desirable :(


  5. Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Blush in Bittersweet. When working with HD cameras for TV, violet/purple blush has the best register on camera because it appears pink. And this blush is about the most violet one I’ve come across, since it’s not really the most wearable color for everyday, face-to-face encounters. Now, I haven’t done any work for TV (YET!), but just in case I do in the (hopefully) near future, it would be nice to come prepared.


  6. Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Ruby Rush. I have this shallow makeup dream of owning at least one lipstick from each luxury/designer makeup brand available. Why lipstick? Cause it’s usually the cheapest makeup product from these expensive brands lol. So far, I only have Guerlain and Chanel, and Tom Ford seems to be a good next step. I’m really biased towards a specific kind of red: the bright blue-red. To me, the perfect bright blue-red is Guerlain’s Rouge G in Garconne. This Tom Ford Ruby Rush reminds me a lot of that, and yes it might be ridiculous to get another expensive version, but it’s so pretty. CRY. Not to mention, I have all possible versions of it – NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, MAC Ruby Woo, NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Plush Red, and the Guerlain. Di pa rin ako papa-awat. HAHA.
  7. Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait in Avarice. Like I always say, no wishlist is a valid wishlist without Guerlain in it. Since browns on lips are in this season, have some expensive liquid lipstick c/o Guerlain. Looking at reviews, this looks like a liquid lipstick version of MAC Taupe.

By the way, I have an Ask.fm! I love how my old formspring used to be like a beauty column, and I’d love for my Ask.fm to be the same this time. Or, ask me anything I guess HAHA.

So, guess how old I’ll be by the end of June?

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My first non-backlog post is my recent shoot with local swimwear brand, MUUNO. It seems that I’ve been a lot of these “beach glow” shoots as of late, and I have everything to be thankful for because you guys have no idea how much I love the beach. Sometimes, I feel like I was a mermaid in my previous life. And don’t tell me mermaids don’t exist. :)

This was an easy breezy shoot with our effortlessly beautiful Taiwanese-Dutch Canada-born model, Brittany Lu. She had great skin, so I skipped the full-face foundation and just concealed in some areas. Penciled in her brows just to make them full under the harsh light conditions. Since it was so bright in the beach, I added some eyeshadow to make sure her eyes don’t lose definition. Luckily, Brit had full and long eyelashes so I just curled them and skipped the mascara. One less problematic-under-sweaty-and-hot-circumstances beauty product I had to worry about during the shoot. She had a natural flush due to the heat, so I ditched the blush and used a liquid bronze highlighter instead. No powder, just setting spray.

97650009 97650024 97650032 97630010 97630025 97630028 97620027

Let me just take this moment to appreciate Brit as our model. We had some trouble with this particular layout ’cause there were so many people on the beach and everyone wanted to see what was going on with the guy with the camera, the pretty girl (also, the only girl in a real swimsuit), and two extra girls following them around (me and the brand owner). We saw this floating bamboo contraption, and just wanted to see what we could do with it, and Brit just got in there like the trooper that she was and went up and down, hanging from the different – and possibly unstable – bamboo parts. With hardly any direction from the rest of us, she seemed to be in her element, so we took the shots. Also, considering how this raft wasn’t in very shallow waters, it would have taken some muscle to maneuver around the raft. I absolutely adore models who just get in there and find their shot, and I love how her athletic body really came out in this layout.

97640021This was a really solid shoot, which we ended by eating some good ol’ Chickenjoy in a gas station along SLEX on the way home. It was also our pleasure to have fed Brit her first Chickenjoy since she’s only been here for a year. If you guys follow me on twitter, you would know how much I love to the nth level Chickenjoy with Jollispaghetti complete with iced tea.

Check out the complete lookbook for this MUUNO collection here

Thank you so much MUUNO Swim for this much-needed workation, and my bikini so that I, too, can become a #muunobabe.

Photos | Ralph Mendoza

Makeup | Nicole Ceballos

Model | Brittany Lu

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Opposites Attract

Here are some shots from a fashion editorial-esque shoot with photographer and good friend, Bardo Wu, and new friend Ecks Abitona. The concept of the shoot was mixing high-street fashion brands (Topshop, Uniqlo, F21, etc) with local indie brands (Salad Day, Randolf, etc), as well as mixing different fits and silhouettes for an article published on Young Star some months back. It was a quick and fun shoot around my village – I had no idea my village could be so grungey-photogenic.

youngstar shoot-5859

I kept the makeup simple since it was more of a fashion story editorial, but built the color with every layout. Slight cut-crease eye with a cat’s eye just for some edge to go with the clothes, defined brows and a pop of color on the lips for this first layout.

youngstar shoot-5902 youngstar shoot-5918

Lipstick change for the second layout! Haha, you can still see the first lipstick on the other photo. I kept it there cause I like how the look changed so much with just a change of lip color. The first one still feels sweet and prim, but the violet made it look a bit more playful to go with the top.

These were actually extra layouts since we had some time so her lips here are already natural, to match the simpleness of the outfit.


This is my favorite shot from the whole shoot. Her contour is just… BAM.

Read the article! The Philippine Star – Young Star on February 6, 2015

Photographer Bardo Wu

Model Kate Bautista of Prima Stella MGT.

Styling Ecks Abitona

Makeup Nicole Ceballos

Assistant Jake Jereza


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More throwback material coming your way. This one is from a test shoot with clothes pegs good for Europe in the sweltering heat of Manila. It was really blazing outside, and our model Cedric was such a trooper in his 3-layer outfits. Pawis Patrol was in full effect, not just for our model, but for all of us in the team.


I guess I don’t really have much to say about this shoot, aside from the face that Cedric has one of the nicest faces I have ever seen and worked with. He practically glows. And his nose is just gorgeous. I love beautiful noses.


Check out this entry on Behance

IMG_9084Photography Johann Bona

Styling Meg Manzano & Angela Go

Model Cedric Pasco of Elite Models

Hair and Makeup Nicole Ceballos

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