Legally White: Steph Ayson

Late to the photo posting party as usual (but I was on time for the real party, I promise), but here are a few of my favorite photos from Madame Steph Ayson’s 21st birthday shoot with the usual birthday shoot crew Trish Zamora and Bell Javier, along with former birthday shoot girl, Bets San Luis and joke-provider Miguel Cu. Took us a while to realize it but this is actually a CADs Alumni Production – 3 former streeters, 1 former jazzer and prod staff member, and 1 former prod staff member – for our graduating senior and current CADs president. Damn I feel O L D.

Belated happy birthday to you, Steph! To many and more birthdays and parties in your house! I’ll be sure to remember what happens on the next one HAHA Luh ya sissy! Hope your first 9 days as a 21-year-old have been great! :) (Balitaan kita pag nakabili na ko nung MAC Melba. Napapanaginipan ko pa rin hanggang ngayon :( )

IMG_2044-6 TMZ_0174-2 TMZ_0456-3 TMZ_0492-4 TMZ_0598-5 TMZ_9870-1


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Photography | Trish Zamora and Bell Javier

Makeup | Nicole Ceballos

Assistance | Bettina San Luis and Miguel Cu

Layout | Mikee Naval

Check this out on Behance :)

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Makeup Magazine

I first heard of Makeup Magazine when they liked a bunch of my photos on Instagram (random, right?). Naturally, I checked out their account and eventually looked through all of their online platforms and it left me wanting more. I didn’t know much about it then, and I didn’t know where to get my own copy until luckily, my friend and editorial assistant of the magazine, Elora, invited me over to Tully’s Coffee to formally introduce me to the magazine. Side note: Tully’s Coffee has an amazing chocolate muffin. Wow. I don’t usually like sweets or anything that involves more than one kind of chocolate but this was so good.


Makeup Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on, yup, makeup. I’ve been waiting for a magazine just like this, where beauty and makeup aren’t just sections of a bigger (and more expensive) magazine. There have actually been attempts in the past, which unfortunately didn’t flourish, but what sets Makeup Magazine apart is that they understand that while we can talk all day, everyday about makeup, it’s a challenge to make it a full-blown magazine. They definitely prioritize quality over quantity in this publication, just the way makeup should be.


In their July-August 2014 issue, they featured top fashion blogger Camille Co on their cover and revolved the issue on the current season: the rainy season. Their tips and tricks include staying pretty even when it’s rainy, and day-to-night rainy day makeup tutorials. Upon reading it, I conclude that it’s a magazine that could be enjoyed by both makeup newbies, makeup junkies and makeup artists. They feature a good mix of drugstore, branded and luxury makeup for a range of budgets. Speaking of budgets, this magazine is FREE! You can find it in salons, coffee shops, etc. Watch their BTS video until the end to find out where exactly you can find them. :)

Oh, and they had a rainy day giveaway recently, and I was lucky enough to win! I’ve never won anything like this in my life huhu. I got the Benefit  Love Me B.Right giftset, which has their Triple Performance Facial Emulsion, It’s Potent! Eye Cream, Total Moisture Facial Cream and the Porefessional. I haven’t had the chance to be adventurous with my skincare mostly because it’s so expensive, so yay for this! I hope I’ll be able to afford keeping this skincare regimen when I’m finished with these.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have two more copies of Makeup Magazine with me in case anyone wants their own copy! Just let me know. :)

Follow Makeup Magazine on the following FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. You can visit their website via



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All credits for the title of this blog goes to the photographer, Benjo Beringuela HAHA. Here are some outtakes of a shoot we did back in June, and I did not realize that I’ve never posted them. The original shoot was for Straightforward, a local clothing brand that sells super comfortable everyday wear like baseball shirts, fleece hoodies, v-necks and shorts, among others. Be sure to check their clothes out! And if you look closely, you’ll find my torso on the catalog! Hehe. 



IMG_2052 IMG_2102 IMG_2108The whole look was kept very clean to match the over-all personality of Straightforward, then Jaz decided to spice it up a little bit by dabbing on some MAC Diva for these outtakes. I used the eyeshadows Virgin and Buck from the Urban Decay NAKED 1 palette (still the best NAKED palette thus far, in my opinion), MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and false eyelashes for her eyes. Graftobian HD Creme Foundation set with Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder for the base, Benefit Hoola to contour, and NARS blush in Torrid for her cheeks. MAC Veluxe Brow Pencil in Dark Brunette and Kat Von D eyeshadow in Leather for the eyebrows. If I had to name this whole makeup look/makeup product combination, it’d probably be Uniqlo meets Straightforward. What do you think? :)

Photography by Benjo Beringuela

Styled by Jazmin Reyes

Makeup by Nicole Ceballos


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Bohemian Rhapsody: TAMED

I ended my thankfully makeup-loaded summer with one of my favorite shoots of all time, which also happens to be my dream shoot – to shoot something, anything on the beach. Since it was my first time do makeup for a shoot that would be done completely under the sun and near the water (heat + humidity = not the most ideal makeup environment), I finally had the perfect excuse to buy a real setting spray. Skindinavia’s makeup setting spray is absolute G O L D. The makeup of the models stayed on throughout the heat of the day, and Jackie even swam with it, although I had to retouch after the accidental dip in the water.

I’ve honestly never been much of a boho chick (mostly because I hardly veer away from my plain shirts, jeans and sneakers combo), but all of the clothes you’ll see on here are absolutely gorgeously bohemian I really wished I was more fashionable (or, you know, had the body of a model huhu). If you’re into boho, or even if you’re not, check TAMED out for all your fashion designing needs. I can’t wait to go to something important enough to have something designed by the foxy girl behind this brand. :)Open-ArtPhoto_074385 Open-ArtPhoto_073862 Open-ArtPhoto_074313 Open-ArtPhoto_074530 Open-ArtPhoto_074507 Open-ArtPhoto_074525 Open-ArtPhoto_073944 Open-ArtPhoto_074230 Open-ArtPhoto_074244 Open-ArtPhoto_074311 Open-ArtPhoto_074247 Open-ArtPhoto_074426 Open-ArtPhoto_074628 Open-ArtPhoto_074584 Open-ArtPhoto_074034 Open-ArtPhoto_074397 Open-ArtPhoto_074399

So many things crossed my makeup bucketlist in just one shoot! But only gave me ideas to put a million new ones on the list.

Shot in Virgin Beach, Laiya, Batangas
Photography: Artu Nepumoceno check out his site for more photos from this shoot!
Styling: Meg Manzano
Clothes: Tamed Fashion Inc. / Hanna de los Reyes
Hair and Makeup: Nicole Ceballos
Models: Jessica Yang, Jackie Milner, Yna Lopez and Carla Barretto

Check this entry on my Behance as well! :)


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FHM July 2014

Last July, I bought my first ever copy of FHM, and it was quite special because it was also the first ever magazine I bought that had my work printed on its pages. I don’t have many words for this shoot, except that I had never experienced anything like it. I was lucky enough to do the grooming for Justin Melton, basketball player for San Mig Coffee and all-around cool guy. It was such a pleasure to work with him, and getting to know him along the way. The clothes were beautiful, thanks to the just as beautiful stylist, Meg Manzano. This shoot just made me even more frustrated that I loved menswear but can’t wear them huhu. I also got to meet photographer Ejay Leung of Midnight Bonkers, as well as Ash Mahinay, the writer. 

I wouldn’t have chosen any other gig to have been my first published work, definitely. 

Zinio_FHM_July_2014 132 Zinio_FHM_July_2014 133 Zinio_FHM_July_2014 134 Zinio_FHM_July_2014 135Check out this entry on my Behance too! :)

All photos are owned by FHM Magazine.

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